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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I get to Nappokao Thai Spa ?

We Are Located within two minute walk from Wembley Park Station.

Bus no. 83,182,206,223,245 & 297(24 hrs) comes to Wembley Park.


2.How do I make a booking?

All appointments are book on phone, please call on 0203 188 1067 between working hours.


3.Is Parking available ?

Most of time free parking is available on our road, On event day only two hour is available, 90 minute free parking is available at LIDL near McDonalds.


4.How should I prepare for my massage treatment?

Please avoid alcohol for 24 hours before, and avoid eating a big meal immediately before your massage


5.Will I need to provide my medical history?

All first time visitors are asked to complete a short questionnaire covering medical history. This allow us to best tailor your treatment to your needs.


6.What is the dress code when receiving a body massage?

In most of our treatments we use oil. This can be aromatic or odour-less (your choice). You should remove clothing to a level with which you are comfortable. You are encouraged to leave your underwear on. In any case, you’ll be covered at all times with a towel from upper thigh to waist.


7.Do I have to undress in front of my therapist?



8.Am I supposed to tip the therapist?

It is completely up to you.


9.Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not. Our services are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual.

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