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Our Facilities

  1. One very large double bed family room with four person sitting table and private bathroom.
  2. One large double bed family room with wash basin facility and sharing bathroom.
  3. Two large single bed rooms with sharing bathroom.
  4. Separate staff kitchen, Bathroom and rest area. (Employees bathroom and guest bathrooms are separate)
  5. Large RAYONG – Spa Treatment Couch – 3 Motors, Product size: 197x74x56/88 cm, it is fitted with 3 motors that control the height, backrest and central module inclination. Complemented with a double armrest system.
  6. Private car park – £5.00 a charge per visit, Please pre book before drive in
  7. Phone chargers.
  8. Fresh towels, Separate hot towels for face and feet, Sampoos,Razors,Toothpaste,Toothbrush.
  9. Free tea & coffee. 
  10. Spacious reception.
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